Virtually all psych drug use is unnecessary.

By no means should any individual ever consider psych meds long-term, put simply, as these medicines are extremely addictive and will cause serious unwanted effects when trying to quit them. ‘The short-term relief seems to be changed by long-term harms,’ says Gotzsche. ‘Animal research strongly suggest that these drugs can produce brain damage, which is probably the case for all psychotropic drugs.’ Gotzsche wrote a book published back 2013 entitled Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Health care that exposes the medication industry for participating in massive fraud and deception to force deadly medicines like psych meds on the general public. The system has been therefore corrupted by this influence that thousands of people are now taking drugs that don’t work and so are extremely deadly.This is a very important thing. Be pleased with your strength of personality. It takes a strong person to stare down an ugly truth. Think Just, you could be going along with the average sheeple who doesn’t have a clue the proceedings. Would you like that? 3. Consider yourself a patriotRealize that is not the time for despair now, but for action. At a certain point, we need to prevent feeling like victims and begin feeling like patriots. Patriots are courageous people of action. Patriots confront issues like loss of freedom and do something about it. Ask yourself, what resources are available if you ask me? What would a patriot do with these resources? Here’s a simple plan. Read Natural News every full day time.