Vaccine Early Stage Malaria shows real potential.

Vaccine Early Stage Malaria shows real potential, review findsAn experimental vaccine that malaria parasite malaria parasite in an early stage prevents a significant number of malaria cases and should be closer to licensing and widespread use to move to, a new review of recent studies.

Among children in Mozambique, where malaria is common, the new vaccine – called RTS, S – reduced the number of clinical malaria episodes by 26 % for up to 18 months after vaccination. There were 58 % fewer severe episodes among the children over the same period.Future perspectives should replicated the Results The with other regular and tumor cell lines of, as well the investigation of the specifics beyond preferred record zebularine by the tumor cells from the tumor cells, says Jones.

In addition, this medicine – is better at halting the proliferation and the promotion of genetic expression in cancer cells, notes by Peter Jones, manager of the Keeping Requirements / Norris Comprehensive Cancer Centre and – mentioned of a methylation inhibitor is zebularine the principal investigator the study. In a study with of effect of zebularine on the speed of division of cancer cells were Jones and colleagues found that. Zebularine growing slows down by more than 68 % in cancer cells, but merely 21 % or less in normal cells.