UCBs transformation into a biopharma company is complete.

Jeff Wren, head folks Managed Markets formerly, and Khoso Baluch, formerly head of Global Advertising, lead the North European and American regions, respectively, reporting to Jean-Christophe Tellier; Luc Vermeesch and Mohamed Chaoui lead the International Major Markets and APAC areas, respectively, and are accountable to Mark McDade. Greg Duncan, as yet head of UCB’s North American Operations, has for personal reasons made a decision to leave the company.For further information on Cancer Analysis UK’s Man Alive campaign visit.

Advances in epilepsy treatment Seizures and Epilepsy influence 2.5 million Americans, 181,000 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed each year, and the disorder incurs around $12.5 billion in annual indirect and direct costs. About 450,000 children ages 15 and youthful develop epilepsy each complete year, and of these, 315,000 are school-aged children. Children and adolescents will have epilepsy of unknown or genetic origin. The rate of new cases in children is usually highest before age group 2, gradually declines until about age 10, and then stabilizes.