Traditional birth attendants were assisted by a medically trained midwife.

The survey results also show that 87 % of mothers of eligible live births had at least two doses tetanus toxoid vaccine were given, traditional birth attendants were assisted by a medically trained midwife. This milestone demonstrates that imbalances in the provision of life-saving vaccines to the poorest and most isolated communities results, and we will make every effort to keep this progress maintained. .

The World Health Assembly first called for the elimination of neonatal tetanus in 1989. In 1999 the goal was expanded to the elimination of maternal tetanus as well. At that time, there were 57 countries that have not been eliminated where maternal and neonatal tetanus. The figure to to 58 in 2002, to include Timor Leste.About Zelos Therapeutics is,Zelos Therapeutics focuses on which develops innovative therapies for bone diseases and related indications in big, underserved markets. Headed by an experienced team of biopharmaceutical makers and financed by leading health care investors, Zelos Therapeutics will advance a portfolio of products chance also in advanced clinical history. For further information on Zelos Therapeutics is, please visit the company website at.

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