To test this.

To test this, Schuck trained European starlings between two rich food sources and one of two poorer ‘decoys ‘to select in different contexts. Schuck – Paim and co-workers show that the introduction of the bait led to ‘irrational’preference only when the decoys were allowed to on food intake on food intake, suggesting that the choice of the birds energetic state led instead by cognitive mechanisms similar to those choosing to explain irrationality in human subjects.

Citation: Schuck – Paim C, Pompilio L, Kacelnik A State-dependent decisions cause apparent violations of rationality in animal choice. PLoS Biol 2 : E402.CONTACT: Alex Kacelnik University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, UK OX13PS 44-1865-271-164 44-1865-271-120 PLEASE PLoS Biology (thank you as the source for this product. – All works published in PLoS Biology are open access Everything is immediately and at no cost available to everyone, everywhere.One third of study participants were 65-69 years ancient, half are 70-79 and 20 per cent of was 80+. Through 80 % female were white, 10 % were black 10 per cent of were Hispanic, the Asian and Pacific Islanders.

The findings, reported to online now into Cancer, a journal of the American Cancer Society will be released in the March 1 PCB edition of the magazine.