The total development program is expected to include over 40.

Roche and Genentech are pursuing a comprehensive clinical program investigating the use of Avastin in various tumor types and different settings . The total development program is expected to include over 40,000 patients worldwide.

Gumbert, Ellen M. Flatley, Dick Katzin, Venkatesh,source: Louis J. Phase III trial of Avastin in metastatic breast cancer primarily meets its primary endpoint – Roche announced that a Phase III study in metastatic breast cancer, Avastin in combination with docetaxel chemotherapy with compared to docetaxel alone, met its primary endpoint of improvement in survival without disease progression. – The findings from the first analysis of the phase III Avastin and Docetaxel trial, which came to the addition of docetaxel studied bevacizumab either 7.5 or 15 mg / kg administered every 3 weeks.Be one additional responder patients compared to previously reported data.

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