The researchers present a bleak picture of of a population of decades of political strife causes of ed.

The results are detailed in a study in the 4th August issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association and in a supplementary report on the same day seem redundant by the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center. The researchers present a bleak picture of of a population of decades of political strife, military coups and poverty traumatized causes of ed . The health and mortality are reported in the JAMA study, while the results of the survey will be conducted to adjust the accountability and social reconstruction in the report Building Peace, Seeking Justice. .

Both papers come from the initiative for vulnerable populations, average of 4.9the Human Rights Centre based. The initiative was established the the consequences of international to give a voice to give a voice to victims of serious crimes. Patrick Vinck and Phuong Pham, joint research appointments have the Human Rights Center and at Tulane University Payson Center for International Development, authored both the JAMA study and the report.

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