The girl and guy Ha Nguyen.

$2 million bail bond for set accused of illegal plastic surgery A court in San Jose has slapped a $1 million bail bond each on two people accused of performing illegal plastic surgeries. The girl and guy Ha Nguyen, 48, and Zybigniew Makowski, 62, were arrested last week after police officers raided the San Jose home where the few were allegedly performing aesthetic surgeries; their home was reported to be filthy . Nguyen has never been licensed to apply medicine in the constant state of California; Makowski is said to be the accomplice and was involved in transporting individuals to the house and assisting to clean wounds.

That’s not good enough. This is a potentially lifesaving treatment, says lead study author Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., associate professor of radiation oncology at the U-M Medical College. The researchers discovered that the most common reason females cited for not taking into consideration radiation therapy was that their doctors did not recommend it. Much attention has been focused on educating people that they want radiation after lumpectomy. But a lot of women assume having a mastectomy means radiation won’t be needed. That’s not usually the case, and patients choosing one medical procedures over another hoping in order to avoid radiation have to be alert to this, Jagsi says. She adds that doctor-patient communication needs to improve in this region and that more patients may benefit from a consultation with a radiation oncologist.