Such as increased respiratory symptoms such as cough.

Long-term marijuana smoking leads to respiratory diseaseLong-term exposure to marijuana smoke in many of the same health problems as tobacco smoke, such as increased respiratory symptoms such as cough, phlegm and wheezing associated, according to a new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine.

###Other authors on the study included Kristina Crothers, Brent A. Reena Mehra, John Concato, and David Fiellin, MDCitation: Archives of Internal Medicine, February 2007)Contact: Karen N.Thinking About Death Can lead to a good lifethinking about death may actually be a good thing. Even non – conscious thinking about death – say walk by a cemetery – could promote asked positive changes and to help others.The tribes tend to be resistant to other commonly used antibiotic classes, Jorgensen of a author of report of November in 2007 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, a journal of the American Society for Microbiology for instance awarded the product in his newsletter Journal Highlights section. – ‘Current often bacteria, when they producing this enzymes, are much harder to slay having antibiotics,’Jorgensen said.. And Chemotherapy Reports New U.S. Outlook in antibiotic.

This the first report on of this phenomenon the United States said the researcher. The tribes ‘extended-spectrum beta -lactamases ‘ that destroying of penicillin or cephalosporin drug, thereby producing a resistance to these drugs, says James Jorgensen, professor of pathology, medicine, microbiology and clinical chemistry science to the the Health Science Center.

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If the trend continues, it can to be choose your select adequate antibiotic therapy for urinary tract infections, for example. The trend over the last ten years has been to handle infections of urinary tract empirically, 15.3 billion U.S. Dollars to drug, which has bring work, Jorgensen said. it now it is important for the Medical be sure to the cultural of have the right antibiotic three. The three drugs which are often prescribed may have no effect checked having these resistant bacteria ‘ Laboratories, the urinary should carry crops and susceptibility testing the presence of ESBL, always up to date not always up to date, said Dr.