Scientists have long tried dry dry cells to allow easier handling pde5 inhibitor.

Scientists have long tried dry dry cells to allow easier handling, reduced storage costs and increased availability pde5 inhibitor . Store frozen cells with liquid nitrogen is the current gold standard, but is expensive and complicated, with special transportation and storage requirements. It can also cause cell damage and pollution, and the needed equipment is not always available in developing countries. Loi also noted that the new technology could also maintain animals threatened with extinction by support for a simple and cost-effective transportation and storage of cells of endangered species. ‘This could be invaluable blood transfusion and we no possibility of recovery this species, when they are gone ‘.

About Core DynamicsCore Dynamics is a privately held biotechnology company, stretching the horizon the science of cryopreservation. The company in the in the research and development of unique freezing, thawing and freeze drying technologies that applied in work with cell preservation, blood transfusion, and tissue and organ transplantation. The company has unique protocols, devices and solutions for cryopreservation of cells and tissues such as cartilage and bone integration of entire organs develops. Core Dynamics ‘ research and development center in Ness Ziona, with a staff of more than 30 scientists and support staff. The company’s management has extensive experience in the fields of medicine, cryopreservation and cell biology. The commercial register offices of the Company are located in Mt. New Jersey. Core Dynamics hopes to additional applications through research partnerships with its advanced technologies to develop cryopreservation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has today Marqibo in adults a negative with a rare form of the leukemia called Philadelphia chromosome acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated. ALL is a rapidly progressing form of blood and bone marrow cancer, more often in children than with adults is diagnosed. According to National Cancer Institute , are approximately 6,050 women and men diagnosed with a ALL and 1,440 dying from the disease in this year. Marqibo is to patients who Leukaemia is back two or more times, or their leukemia after two or more treatment of anti – leukemia treatment progress approved. Marqibo contain vincristine, a commonly used anti -cancer drug included in a liposome, a drug delivery carrier material similar to of cell membranes there. It is a once per week injection of be administered by an physician. Marqibo assent show the FDA ‘s commitment to developing and approval of drugs, which heavy, unmet medical needs, said Richard Pazdur, Head of the Office of Haematology and Oncology Products at the FDA Center on Drug Evaluation and Research. Marqibo provides an additional option for Philadelphia chromosome – a negative acute lymphoid leukemia patients in whom to no more available treatments. Marqibo in accelerating approval from the FDA program that is that provider of the a drug, a severe illness on clinical data showing that the drug is have an effect on a surrogate endpoint that to predict by very likely a clinical benefit for patients who has can approve allowed treat basic. This program offers earlier patient access to promising new medication while the company will additional clinical studies in order to the drug is be confirmed clinical benefits and safety use. Marqibo received orphan products by FDA, 15.4 per cent should be treated an uncommon disease or condition. Efficacy the drug was evaluates in one clinical study in adult patients whose blood leukemia was recurrent at least twice a spite of standard treatments, and who was least one previous responses to the treatment lasts least 90 days. The aim of the study was determined the return rate Marqibo, as either complete remissions or achieved a complete response with incomplete blood counts recovery . Registered of 65 patients react, 10 patient , or 15.4 %, either with an CR or CRi conditioner. In 10 patients who had a CR and CRi conditioner had a median length of remission documenting 28 days. The median duration time to first need events of the relapse was the death of or treatment following 56 days. The security of the two single arm Marqibo was assessed in tests on 83 the clinical the clinical treatment. Severe adverse events , such as low white blood cell count by temperature , low blood pressure, shortness of breath and heart failure was examined in 76 % of patients. Inc studies that studies include constipation, nausea, low blood cell count, nerve damage, fatigue, diarrhea, loss out of appetite and insomnia. Prescribing information for Marqibo carry a boxed warning alarms patients and health professional that the drug must through through a vein , because is deadly if. Some other way, like administered into the cerebrospinal The boxed warning also stated that Marqibo different dosage recommendations as vincristine injection alone has. Overdosage an overdose, it is is important that health care professionals behalf of name of the drug and the dosage before administration. Specific requirements for the production of the medicinal product at in the label. Marqibo of Talon Therapeutics Inc., in South San Francisco, California.