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Dr Potter describes the increase in cancers diagnosed from the routine inhabitants as alarming and says: These patients are also possibly being disadvantaged by longer clinic waits and delays in analysis as waiting instances for routine referrals possess increased when confronted with increasing service demands from the significantly increased number of sufferers referred under the two week rule, over 90 percent of whom have benign disease. Despite more and more referrals, waiting occasions for the 2 2 week wait around group were constantly well maintained say the authors.Dr. Catherine Berkey, a biostatistician at Brigham & Women’s Medical center and Harvard Medical College in Boston, led a team that investigated childhood and adolescent risk elements for benign breast disease among women with a family history of breast malignancy. Benign breast disease, a big class of breasts ailments that can cause breasts lumps or breast pain, is definitely a known risk factor for breast cancer. The authors discovered that among adolescent girls with a family group history of breast malignancy , there was a substantial association between amount of alcoholic beverages consumed and additional increased risk of getting benign breasts disease as young women. The investigators analyzed info from the Growing Up Today Study , which include females who had been aged nine to 15 years aged in 1996 and who finished annual questionnaires from 1996 to 2001, then again in 2003, 2005, and 2007.