Or low blood sugar.

My encounter with low blood sugars was unforgettable, and happened while driving home from teaching a course at a senior middle, said Helen Rayon, patient with type 2 diabetes. I made it home, but fainted on my lawn and had to be taken to the emergency room. Since that time, I’ve talked to my doctor about how exactly to identify symptoms of low blood glucose and learned that we now have steps I can try help reduce the probability of this happening again. This survey of 2,530 adults identified as having type 2 diabetes assessed patients’ personal experience with and knowledge about low blood sugar, and was conducted on-line in November and December 2010 by Harris Interactive.One such study, published in the journal Evidence-based Substitute and Complimentary Medicine in 2010 2010, focused on ladies who had been suffering from moderate to severe dysmenorrhea for at least twelve months, and whose discomfort was resistant to NSAID treatment. All the women in the scholarly study got declined treatment with oral contraceptives, which is one of the first treatments typically prescribed by doctors. The researchers found that of the 15 women contained in the study, 13 experienced significant pain decrease and reduced their use of NSAIDs pursuing acupuncture treatment.