It supports the development of health human resources.

It supports the development of health human resources, including initiatives already under way, such as improved Consultant / NCHD conditions For example,he development of skills for support staff. It also provides health planners with the tools to other sources to determine through redeployment, retraining or changing skill mix.

For the study – which was held in Kampala, Uganda performed – researchers from Uganda and the San Francisco General Hospital provided 300 HIV-positive children aged one to 10 years with prophylactic doses of the antibiotic as well as ITN, when the children are not with them already ‘should be provided to these two relatively simple interventions available.’Although the World Health Organization does not recommend combination cotrimoxazole and ITN for malaria prevention, the Agency has recommended these separately – cotrimoxazole for HIV / AIDS – related infections and ITN, to prevent the spread of malaria in endemic areas.Also people are who smoke or drink alcohol at a higher risk for developing out of periodontitis other oral health diseases like oral cancer.. During studies underway to determine the exact relationships between oral health and general health of shall be determined, it of the major oral health must be considered as part of the big general state of health image For example, some studies have concluded to. Parodontitis, on to develop advanced from gum disease can even be connected to at cardiovascular disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, premature birth and low birth weight.

– twice a day brush with a a fluoride toothpaste. – is Every day floss to remove plaque, which sticky film of bacteria which the teeth and under the teeth and under the gum line.

– Take to prevent a well balanced diet, can help in maintaining a healthy immune system that, heart disease and slower progress of the disease.