It also revealed that fears

It also revealed that fears, anxieties and lack of knowledge of primary care professionals to stop from reporting abuse and that they need more education, training and support in this area . .

And a doctor expressed frustration with colleagues. ‘In a case of suspected neglect / abuse it was reported several times and nothing was done. Finally I reported it to an on-duty social worker who deals with it, but there was a period of 12-18 months. ‘.

White investigated the first experiment on the zebra fish how is a cancer spreading, The process where which a tumor is assumes to widespread and eventually localized lethal has the most pressing issue facing face, says White. We do not know why cancer cells on to of of their primary site on other parts body. .

White created is a fluorescent melanoma tumor in the transparent fish belly cavity display the fish under a microscope. Looked white the cancerous cells beginning within five days of to spread He even saw metastasize, single cells, which was not observed, as easily and real time settled in an body.