In stones are very common and painful in men Kidney Stone Research levitra generic.

Chloride, in stones are very common – and painful – in men Kidney Stone Research, the mouse model mouse model levitra generic . About 3 in 20 men in developed countries, they develop at a given time. However, rarely suffer, although the exact reasons are unknown. Jeffrey S. Clark and colleagues wrote in The Journal of Physiology, have come up with some answers. Kidney stones are crystalline deposits of various chemicals that excreted in the urine excreted in the urine, particularly oxalate. Common in food, it is usually disposed of through the intestine. In the faeces by exchanging it for chloride If there exists little chloride, in a low-salt diet for example oxalate the intestine, the intestine, by the kidneys, eventually excreted by the kidneys, may form where the stones should be maintained. Unlike men, do not spontaneously develop kidney stones, making it difficult to to set up an animal model of this common disease. Now, some reasons for this difference between mice and humans have emerged. The researchers showed Worsee human form of the protein responsible for the secretion of oxalate in the feces chloride chloride for efficient oxalate transport as the same structure in mice. Worse still , a variant of the protein is found in some people even further reduced ability to export oxalate. It seems, is far more efficient disposal of oxalate than we are. Reveal the molecular mechanisms of oxalate removal should help to better treatments to prevent or even reverse the formation of kidney stones in humans develop, and prepare the way for a mouse model of the disease to kidney stones to support research.

About the HERA studyis carried out HERA, by Roche and Breast International Group is one of the largest adjuvant studies ever breast cancer patients performed; enrollment to the trial began in December 2001, and nearly 5,100 HER2 – positive patients at 480 sites in 39 countries around the world participate. HERA is a randomized trial after standard adjuvant systemic chemotherapy and radiotherapy , evaluates observation compared to Herceptin every three weeks for 12 months and 24 months in women with HER2-positive breast cancer. The HERA trial of the use of a broad range of chemotherapies approved and both node – positive and node-negative patients were eligible for entry into the study.

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