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.. Advanced microscope reveals process where mutations result in autism and other diseases Using spinning disk microscopy on barely day-older zebra fish embryos, University of Oregon scientists have gained a fresh window on what synapse-building components proceed to worksites in the central nervous system. What researchers captured in these see-through embryos – – in what may be one of the first views of early glutamate-powered synapse formation in a living vertebrate – – were orderly actions of protein-transporting packets along axons to a specific site where a synapse would be created.Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, also outlines the standard drunk driver: Young men with a brief history of binge drinking. Curbing the nagging problem could save countless lives, the CDC researchers said, since alcohol-impaired generating crashes possess accounted for approximately one third of all U.S. Crash fatalities during the past two decades. One expert agreed. Binge drinking is usually rampant among the youthful, stated Dr. Scott Krakower, who specializes in alcoholic beverages abuse issues. Individuals should not be afraid to seek help if they have a drinking problem, he said.