GRF Founded.

About IDM Pharma – IDM Pharma is on the development of innovative cancer products that either focused to destroy cancer cells by activating the immune system or prevent tumor recurrence by triggering a specific adaptive immune response antibiotics list names . React the full therapeutic and commercial potential of of each of its innovative products dedicated to the needs of patients and physicians addressing to treat these patients.

L-MTP-PE has orphan drug status in the United States, granted in 2001 and in Europe in 2004. In Europe, the MAA was filed in November 2006 and in the U.S., the FDA NDA was filed in October 2006 and was accepted for review in December 2006.

GRF Founded ,, of the CFC first as a partnerships through the Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation of the proposed premiss that would the searches for a cure be a priority, and that their pace which to be accelerated be accelerated with important innovations: instead of the traditional academic approach, the only scientist to insulating, would be this project detectives to bring together share with complementary skills in the genuine, real-time collaboration and recognition that traditional of ophthalmology approach for glaucoma research was well served, we would in recruiting on the team but from budding world of the neuroscience and genetics – have the CFC Principal Investigators :. University of Utah Calkins, PhD, Vanderbilt, Philip Horner, PhD, University of Washington, Nicholas Marsh – Armstrong, PhD, Johns Hopkins University;. And Monica Vetter, PhD, University of Utah, Buy now in their third and last three year cycle, be considerable funds to CFC by a provide measures provided for from to the GRS . – cited Notice CFC research breakthroughs in the year just ending continued advances both the understand what causes glaucoma and in conducting studies make basic research Translation to potential glaucoma treatments, Brunner said he.

‘as a conventional understanding of glaucoma develop out itself as an eye disease, a neurodegenerative disease describes, ‘Brunner tells, ‘there is a junior the sense that of glaucoma would in fact the first neurodegenerative disease is we may to cure. And to unusual possibility will be to be was an overriding topic of all presentation, I am certain. ‘.