From biotechnology to life sciences?

From biotechnology to life sciences?If the FUGUE program through an initiative that focuses more broadly on what can be international fora such as international forums such as the life sciences? This is a central issue in the current debate on biotechnology research in Norway.

Furthermore, there is general consensus in the research that Norway is a separate program for this type of research not be not be there in the existing thematic programs such as the Food Programme and the Aquaculture Program must be included.

Much is in the right direction: researching Eight of the 21 Norwegian Centres of Excellence in the context of biotechnology , making the field one of the strongest fields of research in Norway in terms of quality.. A large number of R & D players agree that follow this is a good direction, and believe it would help to shift the focus away from the technology itself to solutions to social challenges and benefit from the resources that are already in the Norwegian biotech investing.Demonstrate fathers a higher risk of, child with brain disorders.

The scientists the descendants as compared on 3-month-old male mice to those became the father by aged mice , number of genome-wide microarray for Screening Technology, and found that descendants of of older parents an increased level of new copy of variants in their DNA.

In McGrath, these insights paving the way for larger research projects check whether these age-related CNVs is more impact the brain genes. He commented:.

While we are known for some time to developing which children of older fathers likely schizophrenia or autism know this trial the first evidence of the biological mechanism is responsible may provides. .