FDA Approves Libido Pill for Women With Restrictions: TUESDAY.

18, 2015 – – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday authorized the so-called ‘small pink pill’ – – a controversial drug designed to boost flagging sex drive in women. Flibanserin becomes the first FDA-approved drug made to help ladies with low libido. But that authorization also includes significant restrictions because the drug can cause severely low blood pressure and loss of consciousness, the FDA warned. Addyi’s label will include a boxed warning telling the drug must not be taken while alcohol consumption, and shouldn’t end up being used in combination with certain other medicines and by ladies with liver problems. And the once-daily pill, to be taken during the night, can only be prescribed or dispensed by doctors and pharmacists who’ve been thoroughly briefed on the drug and its own benefits and risks, the FDA added.The total results were stratified according to group and, in some cases, age, sex, competition, educational level, and smoking cigarettes history. All tabulations were performed with the use of SAS/STAT software, edition 9.1 of the SAS System for Unix or edition 9.2 for PC . Each screening result was judged to be bad or positive, and a strict algorithm was used to ascertain whether lung cancer was present at the time of screening .