Families and professionals.

Dr Lakhanpaul said: ‘MIA strength comes from its collaborative approach to the research: it is hoped that by working with children, families and professionals, the study be kept focused on the issues that are important to the people affected by asthma and that the solutions are both practical and reasonable.

That the that the South Asian children are under-diagnosed and under-treated at home and in the community, which may explain the increased use and need for hospital care. .

New task force in Leicester to combat asthmaa new task force to combat asthma in Leicester will be led by a University of Leicester medic. Monica Lakhanpaul, Senior Lecturer in Child Health and Consultant Community have a pediatrician and her co – researchers won a grant from the NIHR Health Services Research program for the community, families, children and professionals develop a tailored develop a tailored management and intervention program for asthma in South Asian children in Leicester.. Your co-researcher.Deborah Bird, Clinical Research Fellow on the project, University of Leicester; Lorraine Culley, Professor of Social Sciences and Health, De Montfort University, Jonathon Grigg, Professor, Queen Mary University London; Narynder Johal, parent representatives, Mark Johnson, Professor of Diversity in Health and Social Care, De Montfort University, Mel McFeeters, Consultant Nurse for Pediatric Respiratory Disease, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust;.This comes than severe blow to competitive pharma companies looking regulatory approval on other similar solutions. This introductory consent which a similar drug, cladribine, killed by the European Medicines Agency Products for Human Use Products for Human Use past Friday. Biogen Idec Inc. Even told the same European judges against the approval of Biogeneric Multiple Myeloma pill FAMPYRA recommended survey the validity of the drugs , which intended to improve walk in patients with MS. That the drug developers Acorda Therapeutics Inc.

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