Fallopian tubes Could rich source of stem cells.

Easily differentiate easily differentiate into muscle, cartilage and bone cell lines.. Fallopian tubes Could rich source of stem cells, Studycould develop tube normally discarded after hysterectomies and other procedures potential sources of mesenchymal stem cells, which other types of stem cells can be coaxed rich in a variety of cell types like to become, according a new study from researchers in Brazil. Researchers from the University of S o Paulo Human Genome Research Centre, which is conducted by Dr. Mayana Zatz Director. The study in collaboration with physicians in at the University reproductive surgery department Results will be published as an online paper in the open access BioMed Central Journal of Translational Medicine. The authors wrote that scientists have already discovered that umbilical cord, dental pulp and adipose tissue, ‘ ‘bio-waste ‘mesenchymal stem cells that mesenchymal stem cells that develop into muscle, bone and cartilage tissue.

District Judge James Spencer in Richmond denied a preliminary injunction from the group against the Federal Election Commission wanted. The group claims the ‘issue advocacy’ads that it it the freedom of speech rights are protected by the Constitution .. Source: BioMed Central.Written by: Catharine Paddock,Federal Judge Denies Antiabortion group to avoid Request To Federal Election rulesA federal judge on Thursday blocked request by the request of the antiabortion group The Real Truth About Obama federal regulators and run ads critical of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on support for the right abortion, reports the AP / Minneapolis Star Tribune.The authors say: it is hard to say whether or self monitoring changed the outcome in this case. But now there posters no in its prenatal area counseling patients be used on these devices.

There is a concern delays in to delays in seeking help for reduced fetal movement. Thomas Aust and counterparts from of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral UK specific detail the event of a 27 – year-old woman in this week’s Ministry of Justice. She presented her maternity ward 32 weeks into into her first pregnancy with reduced fetal movements.. Beware of fetal go home doubler. Thomas Aust, armature David Akin Famoriyo BMJ 2009; 339: b3220 Federal Ministry of Justice.

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