DNA Damage May Play a Role in Gulf War Syndrome: WEDNESDAY.

DNA Damage May Play a Role in Gulf War Syndrome: – WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23, 2015 – – Unexplained chronic fatigue, muscle pain and problems with thinking are experienced by a quarter of Gulf War veterans, and new analysis suggests contact with DNA-damaging chemicals could cause this condition, referred to as Gulf War Syndrome http://genericcialishelp.com/faq . Previous studies have suggested that the symptoms stem from a malfunction of mitochondria, the website in cells where molecules that power the physical body are made.

Retirement Might Not TRUST Your Health: – THURSDAY, Sept. 24, 2015 – – Seniors who keep working appear healthier than those that quit the workforce, new research suggests. The study of more than 83,000 Americans 65 and older found that being unemployed or retired was associated with the greatest risk of poor health, after considering predictors such as for example smoking and obesity even. We know that remaining in the work force is wonderful for us, stated Jay Olshansky, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Open public Health insurance and a spokesman for the American Federation for Aging Analysis.