Depending on weather conditions.

Depending on weather conditions, the size of the ozone hole varies every year. During the southern hemisphere winter, the atmosphere above the Antarctic continent is kept away from exchanges with mid-latitude air by prevailing winds known as polar vortex is cut – the area where the main chemical ozone depletion occurs. The polar vortex is characterized by very low temperatures in the presence of so-called stratospheric clouds .

– Since the polar vortex remained undisturbed for a long time, the 2008 ozone hole was one of the largest ever seen. A Dobson Unit is a unit of measurement the thickness the thickness the ozone layer in a column directly above the location of measurement.. Julian Meyer – Arnek of the German Aerospace Center , which monitors the hole annually, explained the impact of the regional meteorological conditions on the time and extent of the ozone hole by comparing 2007 with 2008.Order the IEEE – States assumed reports and in collaboration with American Physical developed in order walk source: M. Pender.

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