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Critics of the bill say it is discriminatory against people who are reported living with HIV / AIDS and a violation of human rights, the post office. Constan Karma, Managing Director of the Papua AIDS Commission, the law ‘the rights of people with HIV / AIDS violated because they are implanted with microchips. ‘Gunawan – a liaison officer of the West Papuan chapter Save Papua – said that people living with the virus ‘do not always have sex, especially those with AIDS. ‘He also asked how officials would to measure aggressiveness. Reported incidents reported incidents of discrimination against HIV – positive people in Papua have declined, Enita Rouw – said that ‘stigma is still there so please do not microchips. Coordinator Papua infected branch of the Indonesian Network of People Living with HIV We are humans, not animals ‘(Jakarta Post, Tahi Ganyang Butarbutar, a lawyer in Papua that more funds for education and condom promotion would be more efficient to tackle the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the region. He also said the people live with the virus ‘are no animals, we have ‘ respect their rights ‘(AP / Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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