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Microarray assays were performed based on the manufacturer’s process and training supplied by the industry donors of the microarray packages and reagents . The scholarly study began in 2007, and the choice of microarray system and design reflects the state of technology available at that time; the choice had not been updated during the course of the study. Two array systems were utilized. One was an Agilent 4-plex array created by the investigators. Each array on the fourplex contains 44,000 oligonucleotide probes covering targeted regions of known disease association , 43 pericentromeric and 41 subtelomeric regions, and a genomic backbone with spacing of around 1 probe per 75 kb.14 The second platform was the Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0, containing 1.8 million oligonucleotide probes about the same slide.Alcohol use was identified through questionnaires and interviews. ‘We discovered that the kids with ADHD were more likely than the assessment group to drink seriously and to have enough problems related to their consuming that they were diagnosed with alcohol misuse or dependence,’ said Molina. ‘This means that their consuming caused problems such as for example fights with their parents or close friends, a drop in their grades at college, or difficulty with controlling the quantity of alcoholic beverages that they drank.’ Drinking problems began around age 15, stated Molina.