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Thakkar suggests reading a written book or doing some work on the computer while seated under a 10,000 lux light in the morning for about 30 minutes. Thakkar likes the SunTouch Plus, on Simply be sure you don’t stare straight into the light; that may cause eye damage. 2. Get right up and work out Thakkar advises that you get your aerobic workout in the morning to fire up your metabolism right away. Running or walking outside first thing in the morning can raise your energy and bring just a little sunshine into your life even on frosty or cloudy days. However when the weather makes exercising outdoors unthinkable, try looking for a true home workout on-line, or purchase a mini trampoline to help bounce your blues apart.‘ Benjamin also wrote, ‘The problems with this system that need to be resolved are only getting even worse: the uninsured still die prematurely at unacceptable prices by the thousands; wellness and preventive care is often available too late; the economics of the current system still usually do not work for individuals, business or government; the value we get for the price is highly variable. As each full time passes and more people lose their work and access to employee-sponsored health care, the nagging problems and stresses on medical system will only get worse.’ APHA urges Congress to progress legislation that contains the strongest possible open public health insurance and prevention provisions to improve the fitness of the American people and techniques the nation closer to providing extensive and affordable coverage of health for all.