Asci and MAGE-A3 ASCIGSK asci represent a new class of drugs for the immune system to train

Asci and MAGE-A3 ASCIGSK asci represent a new class of drugs for the immune system to train, recognize and eliminate cancer cells in a highly specific manner . These candidate cancer immunotherapeutics combine tumor antigens, purified recombinant proteins purified recombinant proteins and GSK proprietary immunostimulants, certain combinations of the selected immune-stimulating compounds, to increase the anti-tumor immune response. Asci are investigated in the clinic their use their use the risk the risk of relapse affect affect tumor growth in an early metastatic setting. Cancer.he highly specific action of GSK asci with the development of diagnostics for the selection of patients for the treatment, depending on the expression of the associated tumor antigens support. MAGE-A3 is a tumor-specific antigen, a wide variety of a wide variety of cancers including melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer. Without expression in normal cells MAGE-A3 ASCI is an investigational compound and it is not approved for use in any indication in any country at this time.

About Abbott MolecularAbbott Molecular Diagnostics, Des Plaines, Illinois provides physicians with critical information based on the early detection of pathogens and subtle changes in the patient’s genes and chromosomes support in earlier diagnosis and selection of appropriate therapies and monitoring based the progression of the disease. The business includes instruments and reagents by sophisticated analysis of patient DNA and RNA.

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