ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Iclusig now commercially available to sufferers in the U.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals’ Iclusig now commercially available to sufferers in the U.S. ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARIAD has begun shipping Iclusig to Biologics, Inc., its exclusive specialty pharmacy, which is now filling prescriptions from doctors and distributing the tumor medicine to patients. We are pleased to once again have Iclusig commercially open to patients in the United States, mentioned Marty J. Duvall, executive vice president and chief industrial officer for ARIAD. Iclusig is now inside our distribution channel with Biologics, and our dedicated sales team will immediately begin promoting Iclusig.Nursing house sector has the lowest operating margin of all ongoing healthcare providers, we have deep concern that multi-year federal Medicare financing reductions coupled with Medicaid cuts in claims like Ohio, Florida and somewhere else will inevitably manifest themselves in the form of facility job losses and the inevitable negative impact on patient care. The chance of still even more Medicare cuts stemming from Congressional Super Committee activity would obviously become devastating to nursing home sufferers, disastrous to caregiver careers, and undermine facilities’ ability to admit, treat and go back to home a increasing quantity of individuals requiring intensive post-severe rehabilitation rapidly, and care for multiple chronic ailments.