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Are Since the ovarian function and fertility mostly regulated by the pituitaries gland, the main body of the Hopkins team to find out exactly how elevated insulin levels affect the pituitary of obese women make them infertile. Gonadotropin-releasing focused on a class of pituitary cells called gonadotrophs, the luteinizing hormone , secrete crucial for ovulation and fertility. The researchers suspected if flooded with too much circulating insulin, the gonadotrophs of obese mice start pumping large amounts of LH, thus disrupting ovulation.

Mice with intact insulin receptors, lean or obese, had mild LH elevations, while mice with deleted insulin receptors, lean or obese, experienced none.. Was Hopkins researchers decipher references to infertility in obese womenObese women a known risk for infertility, but a new Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study, has also discovered what investigators believe the it is the mechanism for the risk.The research carried out on mice and online in the journal Cell Metabolism 8 Published September, was that the pituitary gland actively responds to chronically high insulin levels, triggering a cascade of hormonal changes that ovarian function ovarian function and impair fertility.

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