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Approximately 1.4 million Americans are deaf in both ears and experience significant impairment in communication with the hearing world according to the authors of the study, the IU School of Medicine cochlear program is one of the biggest in the country IU doctors more than 1,500 cochlear devices implanted in the last quarter century at Indiana University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children.

Assistant Professor Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Presented on Sunday september. 5 at 3 clock Salle Ternes – Level 1.

deaf people with hearing with hearing, their families, physicians and health insurance now have the data they need, said Dr. Miyamoto. There is significant improvement after one implant and there is considerable additional bump in sound and speech intelligibility after the second implant. Emotional well-being improved. And we found a favorable cost-benefit analysis. Our hope is that these results are more health insurance cover the cost of bilateral implants and bring a superior quality of life to a large number of individuals. .

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