Allergic rhinitis common in otitis media patients By Helen Albert.

Allergic rhinitis common in otitis media patients By Helen Albert, Senior medwireNews Reporter Allergic rhinitis is a common comorbidity in children with otitis media with effusion, suggest study findings. Notably, there was no link between otitis mass media and mechanical nasal mucosal swelling, suggesting that allergy may be the connecting aspect, say the researchers . A likely mechanism is an allergic swelling in the respiratory epithelium at the entry and inside the Eustachian tube can lead to tube dysfunction because of swelling in this area and possibly cause a secondary inflammation in the centre ear, suggest study writer Hans Bisgaard and co-workers.

The function of allergens in atopic dermatitis and the obtainable and appropriate allergy testing methods are talked about in this article. Initial administration of atopic dermatitis involves education, evaluation of triggers and exacerbating elements, and topical therapy. Testing for food allergy may be considered if AD is severe or refractory, if skin flares stick to specific exposures to foods or if there is a past history of anaphylaxis. Epidermis and Serology prick methods of IgE testing have high prices of false-positive results. Careful interpretation of results is required, with confirmation of suspected food allergy by oral meals challenge. Inappropriate dietary limitations can have severe dietary consequences in children.