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Although scarcity of Vitamin B12 is very rare because liver stores enough of Supplement B12 that may last for couple of years but it should not be ignored since it affects our metabolism. PROBLEMS CAUSED BY SCARCITY OF VITAMIN B12 Scarcity of Vitamin B12 can cause illness such as anaemia, constipation, weight reduction, depression, poor memory, asthma, low sperm fertility and loss of hunger. This can result in severe nerve problem that may affect you mind and the functioning of your body.A protection and data monitoring plank reviewed the protocol, monitored the improvement of the study, and conducted an individual interim analysis. The authors designed the scholarly research, oversaw data collection, performed the analyses, ready the manuscript for publication, and made the decision to submit the manuscript for publication without insight from or evaluate by Philips Respironics, which donated equipment used in the study.