ACTs hESC series MA135 approved for federal funding Advanced Cell Technology.

We applaud the NIH for its ongoing efforts to make even more stem cell lines available to the scientific community.’.. ACT’s hESC series MA135 approved for federal funding Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. announced today that human embryonic stem cell collection MA135 was unanimously approved for federal financing at the 100th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Director National Institutes of Wellness . Furthermore to MA135, seven additional stem cell lines derived at ACT are under review simply by the NIH currently.The primary analysis was planned as a pointwise comparison of overall survival at 2 years instead of as a log-rank test because of concerns about nonproportional hazards between the two groups. Nevertheless, the final analyses did not present violations of hazard proportionality, and for that reason, results of the Cox model are also presented. For analyses of the secondary end points, data on transplantation-related events were collected only for sufferers who underwent transplantation, and event times were calculated from the time of transplantation. There is no explicit adjustment for multiple assessment of secondary end points, and since the primary statistical hypothesis was not rejected, all the secondary analyses are believed exploratory.