It generally does not have any material or form, it acts without carrying out, and it retains the entire universe in orderly motion, seemingly functioning properly without me intervening.’ This idea of acting without doing really made me think, and shifted my outlook, specifically because he shared this when we had been in a demanding asana and pouring sweat – amazingly, this is often the best time for me to hear mind-expanding suggestions or shift my perspective, which appears to be why Daniel’s yoga exercise classes are therefore satisfying for me personally.She have been advised to make use of artificial tears as needed. Patricia reports, however, that recently she’s been developing severe discomfort and burning in both optical eyes whenever she drives her car. She develops such vision discomfort that she needs to stop after 10 to a quarter-hour of driving to make use of lubricating eye drops, which in turn give her some temporary respite. She has to pull over and over to administer the drops during much longer trips. This severe discomfort does not occur when she actually is a passenger in the car or in virtually any other setting.