AcelRx starts cancer breakthrough pain program AcelRx Pharmaceuticals.

AcelRx starts cancer breakthrough pain program AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Offers announced that it offers initiated a Phase 2 clinical trial of ARX-02, a proprietary sublingual sufentanil NanoTab product candidate for cancers breakthrough discomfort control. The principal objective of this multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study is assessment of safety, efficacy and tolerability of ARX-02 in accordance with placebo in cancer patients experiencing episodic breakthrough pain. We are pleased to have initiated the dosing of our 1st individual in this proof-of-concept study, states AcelRx CEO Thomas Schreck. Creating a fastacting opioid with a shorter half-life than fentanyl for cancers patients who experience sudden breakthrough pain represents a substantial step towards successfully treating pain while minimizing overall opioid exposure.It is suggested that the patient not really drive for at least 24 hours after anesthesia. That is recommended even after a sedative/regional anesthesia because side effects of these drugs can temporarily impair the coordination and response time. Naproxen or ibuprofen are usually given for relief from cramping. Narcotics are rarely, if ever, needed for the pain following D&C.

Agendia establishes contract with Humana for coverage of MammaPrint breast malignancy recurrence test Agendia, a global world innovator in molecular malignancy diagnostics, announced today that it has established a contract with leading insurance provider Humana to reimburse for the business’s MammaPrint test.