According to the National Womens Law Center.

Jan Schakowsky said that women ‘are in double jeopardy’because they are ‘usually more calculated ‘and ‘earn less than men. ‘She added that , ‘even if[ women] the same premiums were calculated, they would %age of their income %age of their income. ‘.. According to the National Women’s Law Center, A 2009nd 68 percent more for health care than their male peers. NWLC a survey found that the insurers charged in 47 states and Washington, gender rating allow 40 – year-old women between 4 percent and 48 percent more than their male counterparts. A 2009 Commonwealth Fund study found that 45 percent of women aged 18 to 64 were uninsured or underinsured, compared with 39 percent of men, based on data from 2007. Rep.

Stroke Survivors Benefit From Robot tuition feesshake hands with a robotic arm could be a new way to stroke patients learn to use their arms again. Researchers, writing in researchers, writing in BioMed Central Open Access Journal from Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation report a pilot trial of the ‘Braccio di Ferro ‘ robot in 10 patients.Researchers from Northwestern University reported a startling discovery in that a possible new route to the treating neurodegenerative disorders offer. In a study said transparent roundworm C. Elegans, they discovered that is a genetic control in the master neuronal inhibits the correct functioning of protective cells stress responses, that. To an accumulation of improperly folded and damaged proteins.

Neurodegenerative diseases, Chorea Huntington and Parkinson for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease , are believed to reduce from early events an accumulation to an accumulation of damaged proteins in cells. But any animal, including humans have an old and a very powerful mechanism to detect and respond to those damages, known as the heat shock response. – ‘Why are are these diseases so prevalent when our cells to see possibilities and preventing who to accumulate damaged proteins,’said Richard I. Morimoto, . That study conducted together having postdoctoral Veena Prahlad. ‘Can not solve this problem our bodies? It is the mystery. ‘ – ‘In our study, much to our surprise we found the nervous system negative signals to other tissue of the animal, the cells ability order hinder transmits activated a protective heat shock response, ‘said Morimoto.