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This TennCare Director Gordon said last week CMS proposed new limits on Medicaid payments to hospitals before the contract negotiations were finalized. According to Gordon, other states with similar Medicaid funding structures would not under the cap. State officials say the caps could cost Tennessee up to $ 400 million over three years and would significantly reduce funding for the program at a time when the government is planning to enroll more adults more adults . Affect the payment caps would especially not-for-profit hospitals, J. Large amounts of charity, according to the Commercial Appeal. Bredesen said, We are not asking for something different from what other countries are always at the same time, Massachusetts, California and Florida all have huge potential added value we got have saved[ the government] a lot of money, and they are still trying to pull us back even further, and I do not think it fair and reasonable (Locker, Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Officials officials criticize CMS proposal hospital payments Cap; continue TennCare Waiver negotiationsTennessee Governor Phil Bredesen said Wednesday that he would participate personally personally in the negotiations with CMS TennCare and accused the federal government placing unreasonable demands on the state, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. TennCare was placed expire 30th But the state has received two extensions for the program 15 while negotiating a waiver with CMS.

Instrumentation Laboratory today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was 510 clearance granted to the intended use for the HemosIL D-dimer test at venous thromboembolism in outpatients of venous thromboembolism and pulmonary embolism , when considered in conjunction with a one clinical pretest probability assessment model using eliminate suspicious. HemosIL D-Dimer was originally published in 1998, been to the quantitative measurement of D-Dimer in human citrated plasma and in 2005 deleted from the FDA for use as an aid in the diagnosis of VTE.

During 2007 FDA granted by approval for the same VTE exclusive amounts receivable IL second-generation HemosIL D-Dimer HS assay. Both assays who now is established clinical performances for exclusion of DVT and PE when using having a PTP assessment model and share the same cut-off value of. This allows to extended use our GB-dimer test IL to get the tools health need better and more efficiently reign out patient suspected DVT and PE, regardless of size of its establishment or the performance of your Analyser, said Giovanni RussianView all, Director of Worldwide Marketing, haemostasis reagents during IL. We are excited by the developing innovative products and has all of our customers a full array of solution from our comprehensive portfolio of hemostasis reagents and instruments. .