Acamprosate might help treat patients with autism.

Acamprosate might help treat patients with autism, Fragile X syndrome In small, early clinical trials, adults and children with autism and Fragile X syndrome have shown improved communication and public behavior when treated with acamprosate, according to Craig Erickson, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry at the Indiana University College of Medicine and chief of the Riley Hospital for Kids Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center at Indiana University Wellness. Acamprosate, which affects chemicals in the mind by blocking particular receptors associated with mental health, has acceptance from the Drug and Food Administration for the treatment of alcoholism in adults.Chunky salsa 1 c. Shredded romaine lettuce Directions: Cook the rice according the package directions. Drain and rinse the canned black coffee beans. Be sure not to skip this step; draining and rinsing canned beans can lower their sodium content material by 40 percent. In a microwave-secure bowl, combine the cooked rice, beans, and salsa. Microwave for about 2 minutes or until warmed throughout. Stir in the avocado and bell pepper. Divide the mixture into 4 servings; place a scoop on top of shredded romaine lettuce and provide. Serves: 4 Serving Size: About 1½ cups This recipe has important nutrients for mom and baby, including: Fiber Fiber is a nutrient that will help ease the constipation commonly associated with pregnancy. Wholegrains — like whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereals, and dark brown rice — and fruits, vegetables, and legumes are good sources of fiber.