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‘We are very happy to increase our partnership with the AGA Institute and the AGA Research Foundation. Supporting education, analysis and dialogue around technologies that can significantly impact the medical diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases is critical to improving individual outcomes.’.. AGA, Covidien partner to boost lives of people struggling with digestive diseases The American Gastroenterological Association Institute announced today that Covidien, a respected global provider of health-care products, agreed to expand its corporate grant to the AGA Institute recently. This multi-year commitment will stimulate innovation to advance the practice and science of gastroenterology and improve patient outcomes. AGA will distribute Covidien's generous grant – which was initiated in January 2012 – across AGA's central initiatives in research and technology.We are also searching at potential expansion into traumatic brain damage victims and pediatrics which would represent significant development opportunities for the business. Finally, I’d like to congratulate and thank those involved with our drug development and regulatory affairs departments for this exciting accomplishment. .. Ageing and gene expression in the primate brain While medical science and a healthy lifestyle might help increase lifestyle expectancy, many aspects of aging and longevity are beyond our control. Published this complete week in the open-access journal PLoS Biology, Michael Eisen and co-workers shed light on these genetic elements by identifying sets of genes whose expression changes with age in human and chimp brains.