A major research focus is to genes that people put a higher risk of cancer.

‘A major research focus is to genes that people put a higher risk of cancer, so we ways to detect and prevent cancer, he can find identify the formation of this center of excellence will help expand this work and take it one step closer. To our overall goal of improving survival. ‘.

The Center is funded by Cancer Research UK, amounting to 2 million per year and is the latest in a specialist network of similar initiatives around the UK? It brings together leading British scientists and the pace for national and international progress in the diagnosis and treatment of a whole range of different types of cancer, especially breast, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, esophageal, leukemia and prostate cancer – .So good.Attenuated viruses like that are often used vaccines which vaccines, because they are less likely to be harmful. Information about another a weakened form of the be is for an HIV vaccine that be tested in humans. To make the vaccine , from scientists with the weakened VSV virus were added and a protein from the of HIV virus so that VSV suppressed or making a fragment of a HIV virus. Theoretically, if persons be vaccinated with the vaccine, antibodies against antibodies to the HIV protein, and of the actual to the actual HIV virus, her body will be be neutralized it is and kill it is before it infects.

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