A fresh way to test risk of coronary attack.

Researchers followed more than 4000 sufferers with suspected heart disease for three years. Those with the highest TMAO amounts were two-and-half times more likely to have a main cardiovascular event than those with the lowest levels. ‘This blood check, TMAO, helped identify people who were at risk for going through a major adverse cardiac event, heart attack, stroke, or death in the ensuing 3 years, also in the lack of having established heart disease or cardiac risk elements,’ said Hazen. Carnitine chemical, not excess fat, may explain hyperlink between red meats and heart disease Study: Red meats raises threat of dying, risk higher with processed meats Mediterranean diet could be better for your heart than cutting down on fat Fried food not bad for heart if prepared in olive, sunflower oil CBS Evening Information Popular coronary attack drug may not work A new study says a supplement taken by hundreds of thousands to prevent heart episodes and strokes can not work.The authors conclude that, ‘this is the first study to demonstrate a significant reduction in tumor burden with inducible TRAIL-expressing MSCs in a well-controlled and particularly directed therapy.’ They believe that human trials of TRAIL-expressing MSCs could start in two or three years.

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