7 healthful factors to add peas to your diet There are 3 major types of peas garden peas.

Fiber Peas are great sources of dietary fiber, containing over 4g in every half-cup serving. And adequate fiber intake isn’t just crucial for good intestinal and digestive health, in addition, it helps lower one’s risk of many chronic diseases. The soluble soluble fiber within peas also keeps one’s blood sugar levels steady. Cardiovascular health In addition, the fiber in peas really helps to reduce cholesterol levels in your body, which lowers one’s risk of heart disease. Furthermore, analysis has found that consuming peas can lower triglyceride levels too, offering safety benefits against heart disease again. For instance, a Danish study found that people who added smaller amounts of pea dietary fiber to their regular diet plans experienced an almost 13 % drop in total triglyceride levels within a fortnight.This can cause damage to the cuticle coating and lead to breakage. Leave that hair alone and get a squeegee ball to press on if you find yourself in stressful situations. 3. Sleeping Without Protection The times are gettingso full with appointments, assignments, and so many other responsibilities. After an extended day it is so comforting to fall right into a restful rest. While this is great and dandy, curly hair should never create a habit of ‘falling asleep’ without proper protection. As time passes the friction from sleeping without coverage could result in thinning and breakage. Instead rub a thick sealing oil on those curls before bed and cover in a silk or satin bonnet or lie on a silk or satin pillowcase for ideal naturally curly hair care. 4. Sleeping in Ponytail Holders This bad habit consists of going to bed with a regular ponytail holder around your head.