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Dr. Holick: It certainly is a part of it. And like I said, the nagging problem is that vitamin D deficiency has such subtle but incredibly important health implications. It’s the subtlety that is the problem. I mean, when you mention the term cancer, everybody’s alert to that, and everybody’s aware of how serious cancer is. And so people will instantly help fund that kind of research, and promote that sort of analysis. But to claim that sensible sun publicity, making vitamin D, supplement D developed early in development to modulate cell growth probably, decrease risk of cancer, modulate your kidney to create the blood pressure hormone renin, which regulates your blood pressure.Schedule a scheduled appointment and decide just after you have fulfilled us. In the event that you decide not to proceed, we will respect your privacy and not frustrate you with pesky calls asking you to reconsider. In fact, we always listen to our clients and take their suggestions under consideration before we strategy the Locks Transplantation Long Beach treatment which, by the way, is quite painless and recovery is definitely quick. Take action today and we assurance you that by this time next year you will have all of your hair back! Dial us at 800 Just.262.2017 and let us make your dreams come true.