360 die from the disease.

Prostate cancer statistics: 192 280 Americans will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and 27,360 die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society.

Nurse practitioners are safe and legally prescribing drugs for people in the community for many years, this measure would no financial barriers for consumers. Ms. Kearney said. This would a very useful and efficient use to be the health dollar, reduce duplication of effort and costs to the health of consumers. Australian people and their families this type of initiative this type of initiative .

In younger men.Markers Could Predict Prostate Cancer prostate cancer in younger men have become more common in younger men, and it is often more aggressive in these men.For example, studies in 2005 show published to introduced three years after its routine vaccination in the United States, four hundred and fifty to four hundred fifty-six a 94 per cent reduction in IPD caused by strains in of vaccine among children under five years old covers cause. – In addition, incidence of disease created by these strains decreased 55 per cent adults aged 50 years ago and older, who more susceptible to more susceptible to IPD than younger adults , this shows clearly that universal vaccination of children offer stoves protect. On other unvaccinated group.

And European has shown that just ten and 27 % of children developing IPD health issue health problem. – Specific increase the risk of of IPD.. The Netherlands also announced that of the vaccine within the national childhood immunization program in the April 2006 belong to. Limit pneumococci the child immunization program, which a to serious health Problem with, surveys in the U.S. Is prone, only a small %age out of total cases of boyhood IPD can be avoided may not herd protection need to can be achieved without the broad vaccination coverage, ‘says author Dr.