3 Reasons You Should Consider Surrogacy Surrogacy is costly.

2. You can be a part of every moment – right before conception till delivery As would-be-parents, you two will be part of the journey that pregnancy is all about. You could be there in the ultrasound areas watching the growth of the fetus weekly or so. The pleasure of the surrogate will be your joy and your very presence throughout this trip would also keep on reminding her as to the reasons she has been undergoing this beautiful journey. 3. You will be as open with the surrogate as you intend to be One, the fetus can be legally yours.Eligible patients had been centrally allocated in a 1:1:1 ratio to get peginesatide subcutaneously once every 4 weeks, starting at either 0.025 mg per kilogram or 0.04 mg per kilogram of body weight, or darbepoetin once every 14 days, starting at 0. The goal was to increase and keep maintaining hemoglobin levels between 11.0 g and 12.0 g per deciliter .5 g per deciliter) to make sure balance in efficacy variables at baseline and according to the New York Center Association class of heart failure to greatly help ensure balance in baseline cardiovascular risk.21 In PEARL 2, randomization was stratified according to geographic area also.