Nerveda plans to test the new formulation in clinical trials in early 2009 in collaboration with clinicians and scientists at John Hopkins University Medical Center and other sites.

Nerveda support the clinical development of products licensed from Johns Hopkins University, including neuroprotective compounds and Stem Cell Therapeutics promise in the promise in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.. Because proteins are large and fragile molecules, they can not be administered orally and are usually administered by injection. Moreover, the new are often subject to instability due to aggregation of the protein molecules – especially for the storage and handling at non-refrigerated temperatures. The resulting protein aggregates are bad absorbed into the blood stream upon injection due to their increased size, and induce the development of circulating antibodies to interferon in patients efficacy of the drug efficacy of the drug over time.

* Rebif is a registered trademark of Pfizer,* Betaseron is a registered trademark of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals* Betaferon is a registered trademark of Bayer Schering Pharma AGAbout Nerveda Inc.Is focused Nerveda a privately held specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic company to improve quality of life of patients* Intravail and ProTek are registered trademarks of Aegis Therapeutics, LLC suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and their carers.Enable cancer treatments on specific molecular subtypes of the disease doctors treat a patient single molecular profile. However researchers have noticed that approved in many types of Krebs which molecular subtypes and versatile than hitherto containing For more genetic mutations which may affect a patient’s response to therapy.

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